Our Quality

Civil Works

  • Earth work for the foundation 5’0” depth
  • P.C.C. 1:5:10 mix, using metal 9” thick
  • Plinth Beam 1’6”x1’0”
  • RC Beam 1’0”x0’9”
  • Column square footing 4’×4’×0’9” - 6” c/c both ways
  • Column up to roof level 1’0”x0’9”
  • Linden beam at ground level 0’6”×0’9”
  • Basement height is 2’6” from the ground level
  • External wall 0’9”tk mix1:5 & inner partition 4 ½” tk mix 1:5 using table molded chamber bricks
  • Basement filling with gravel or excavated soil consolidated perfectly
  • Flooring with P.C.C. 1:5:10 using metal for 0’3” tk
  • Roof slab using Jally for 5” tk 1:2:4 mix at 9’6” height
  • In terrace parapet wall 4 ½” tk for 2’6” height
  • Wall plastering inner & outer walls in C.M.1:5 mix & ceiling will be 1:5 mix
  • Terrace flooring top is finished with lime surkhi and C.M 1:6 mix
  • Kitchen platform will be in granite or marble as required.
  • Kaddappa Slab for shelf is provided as required.
  • Skirting through the wall in Granite or Tiles.

Painting Works

  • Inner walls applied One coat Kottayam, Putty & Distumber Two coats
  • Outer walls applied one coat of Kottayam , Putty & Distumber Two coats
  • Doors and windows are applied two coats of enamel paint
  • Front door applied melamine polish

Carpentry Works

  • Front Door (Teak wood)
  • The Bed Room doors are in readymade ISI door shutters and country wood frames as required with fitting accessories
  • The windows are in country wood frames & designed grill of 10sq.mm with 4mm finned glassed shutters
  • Toilet door in PVC Brand ISI

Plumbing Works

  • Providing ISI Brand PVC pipes & fittings for the water supply line
  • Providing Hindware or Parryware ISI Tap fittings as required
  • Providing 1000Ltr capacity of ISI Brand Syntax tank

Electrical Works

  • Three phase wiring using Kundan & Finolex ISI copper wire excludes fittings

Construction Costs

  • Building/Sq.ft - Rs.1,750/-
  • Includes Water Tank (10-11K litres Capacity), Septic Tank (10ft in height) & Compound Wall.
  • For additional construction in the building like modifiying elevations, elevation walls and adding more features than given in the starting construction diagram building cost may change accordingly.